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Molly Pwerle

About Molly Pwerle

Molly Pwerle is an Australian Aboriginal artist aged in her 90's. She began painting in 2004 when her niece Barbara Weir organised a workshop for her and her sisters Geyla, Emily and Minnie Pwerle. At that time, Minnie was a successful artist who had become highly sought after within just a few years of painting. 

Molly's works have been exhibited across Australia and the US, and include collaborations with her sisters. She paints works depicting her Dreaming, Anemangkerr, and the associated ceremonial elements. Anemangkerr is a large bush tomato commonly referred to as bush melon. Its seeds are discarded and the fruit eaten. It grows in northern Utopia, near Molly's home, and is favoured for its exceptional keeping qualities.

Molly, Geyla and Emily have remained out of the limelight since Minnie's passing and live in a small, remote settlement in northern Utopia. The sisters live together in a communal humpy on the outskirts of the settlement and maintain traditional customs and living off the land.