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Josie (Josepha) Petrick

Josie (Josepha) Petrick paintings

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About Josie (Josepha) Petrick

Artist: Josie (Josepha) Petrick
Skin name: Kemarre
Language group: Arrernte
Country: Artitjera 
Area: Harts Range, Central Australia
Born: 1955
AIAM career rank: 127

Josepha was born and grew up at Santa Teresa Mission, approximately 80kms SE of Alice Springs. Although having grown up with the presence of a western culture, Josepha still lived a mostly traditional life, collecting bush foods, and participating in customary ceremonies. After having married her husband, Robin Petyarre (deceased), in a bush marriage, they both moved to Mt Swan in the Utopia region, approximately 270km NE of Alice Springs. (Robin is brother to renowned artist, Gloria Petyarre). It was here that they raised seven children of their own and also one of her nephews. In 1990, Josepha first tried her hand at painting acrylic on canvas. She has since continued this art, painting for various galleries around Australia.

Josepha paints the Bush Plum Dreaming from her father’s country. Josepha is well travelled, where her art has taken her to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Josepha now shares her time living between Alice Springs and Harts Range. She rarely visits Utopia anymore although some of her children continue to live out there. One of her sons, Damien Petrick, also paints for Mbantua Gallery and is married to another Utopia artist, Lisa Mills Pwerl. Josepha is her preferred name, however widely known in the industry as Josie.