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    Our vibrant and dynamic artists are from the Utopia region; a large remote area of Central Australia which, until recently, had no government funded art centre. As a result of their pioneering efforts, they have one of the strongest and richest art histories.

  • FAQ


    Our artwork comes from Central Australia, mostly from the remote region of Utopia.

    Utopia Lane artists apply a variety of tools to create their paintings, namely brushes, bamboo skewer sticks and applicator bottles.

    Before current tools, Utopia people would use their fingers or make tyepales (small padded sticks) to use as brushes when applying paint to their bodies or rocks.

    Yes. All our paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity, even the small ones 🤍

    A Certificate of Authenticity is a document certifying an individual artwork as authentically painted or created by the artist named. Paintings are most often signed by the artist themselves, but the Certificate of Authenticity is certified by the gallery or representative. It usually contains important details to identify the painting such as title, artist's name, dimensions and the individual code or image of the painting. Additionally it may contain any information the artist wishes to communicate about the subject matter. At Utopia Lane Gallery we try to include a photo of the artist holding the painting or working on the painting wherever possible.

    Read more about Certificates of Authenticity →

    Your painting needs very little tender loving care and can handle most environments. We recommend stretching and hanging out of direct sunlight, somewhere you can gaze upon often...on waking in the morning or after a long day (perhaps accompanied by a bottle of something delicious).

    If you want you can use a lightly damp cloth to gently wipe off dust on occasion.

    Our artists lay their canvas on the ground and paint as if from a birds' eye perspective, turning the canvas around as they paint.

    Unless your painting is an illustration with a clear orientation (Colleen Wallace's Dreamtime Sisters for example) your painting can be hung anyway you like.


    Yes! You can choose to layby your painting over up to six months. It's very simple; just choose the 'Lay-Buy' payment option at checkout. Details.


    While we can give you an idea of current retail prices for Utopia artworks, if you would like to have your painting valued you will need to contact a licensed art valuer. 

    We do not source, sell or buy back artworks that have already been purchased in the marketplace. You may wish to look at selling via art auction houses.

    Artist Polly Ngale wears a turquoise polo and matching headscarf. She is outside, kneeling on a large blanket and is stretching over a painting with a brush in her hand, facing towards the camera. It is a sunny day. She is painting a daub of white paint.