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Past Exhibitions

Soakages exhibition featuring Lena Pwerle paintings  Desert Dots exhibition featuring paintings by Utopia Aboriginal artists  Leaves exhibition featuring paintings by Gloria Petyarre  Medicine Woman exhibition featuring Jeannie Mills Pwerle paintings  Songlines exhibition featuring Minnie Pwerle and Betty Mbitjana paintings  Soakages Sequel exhibition featuring Lena Pwerle paintings  Spirits of the Desert exhibition featuring Angelina Ngale Pwerle and Colleen Wallace Nungari paintings  Lost Legends showcases the extraordinary works of three Utopia Aboriginal artists, now passed, described as 'the founders of Utopia art' and among Aboriginal art's most respected leaders during the Aboriginal art boom of the 1990's. Desert Dots II exhibition featuring Aboriginal paintings by Polly Ngale, Kathleen Ngale and Elizabeth Mpetyane  Ochre Series exhibition featuring Aboriginal paintings by Lindsay Bird, Ada Bird Petyarre, Barbara Weir, and symbols paintings.  Boss Woman Exhibition - A Collection of artworks by Aboriginal artist Lena Pwerle     Wild Child Exhibition | 26 Jan - 9 Apr 2018 featuring paintings by Barbara Weir, Sacha Long Petyarre and Delvine Petyarre  Desert Dots 3 Exhibition 2018  Aboriginal Art Exhibition titled Maggie Bird Unearthed  Aboriginal art exhibition titled Lena featuring works by Lena Pwerle   Women of Influence. Aboriginal art exhibition featuring works by Polly Ngale, Gloria Petyarre, Lena Pwerle and more.  Body Paint. An Aboriginal art exhibition featuring paintings by Queenie Lion Kemarre, Gloria Petyarre and more.