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High Profile or Established Artists

High Profile or Established artists have usually been artists for a number of years and/or their demand has been consistently great and therefore they are largely recognised in the industry. Countless exhibitions and collections have sought their work or, in some cases, their works have been promoted exclusively and their demand exceeds their output. There is no hard and fast rule for artists in this category. Some artists, such as Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Minnie Pwerle, were known widely to have produced thousands of artworks in just a few years, where others are so exclusive they might produce a quarter of that in their lifetime.

There are however some key ingredients that make up a high profile artist:

  • These artists will have a unique style; a niche element that makes them stand out and recogniseable. 
  • There is a story or part of their profile that interests people and engages with them.
  • Their work is somewhat exclusive, whether by affordability, reputation or availability. 
  • Their works will be housed in some, if not many, reputable collections.

Prices reflect this achievement and may gradually increase over a number of years.

High profile or established Utopia artists are (in order of overall career rank on the Australian Indigenous Art Market (AIAM) and others who didn't make the top 200):