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Kathleen Ngale

About Kathleen Ngale

Artist: Kathleen Ngale
Skin name: Ngale
Language group: Anmatyerre
Country: Ahalpere
Area: Utopia Region, Central Australia
Born: c. 1934

In her mid 80's and now blind, Kathleen Ngale is no longer painting. Her husband Motorbike Paddy takes care of her. Kathleen has been a widely recognised and acclaimed artist for more than two decades and her works are highly sought after by collectors and those wanting to admire the depth and meaning of her artworks.

Kathleen's art career began in the late 1970’s in the medium of batik. Over eighty other women from Utopia were involved and Kathleen's work in batik is featured in the publication Utopia - A Picture Story

When the painting movement swept Utopia in the late 1980’s, Kathleen changed mediums and adapted quickly. Kathleen’s popularity as an artist grew in the early 2000’s for her ‘Anwekety’ paintings. Her work has been exhibited around the globe and is also featured frequently in Aboriginal art auctions.