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Kathleen Ngale

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About Kathleen Ngale

Artist: Kathleen Ngale
Skin name: Ngale
Language group: Anmatyerre
Country: Ahalpere
Area: Utopia Region, Central Australia
Born: c. 1934

Kathleen began her art career in the late 1970’s in the medium of batik with over eighty other women from the Utopia Region in Central Australia. Her work in batik is featured in Utopia - A Picture Story

When the acrylics on canvas movement swept Utopia in the late 1980’s, Kathleen like the other women swiftly changed mediums.  Kathleen’s popularity as an artist grew in the early 2000’s for her simplistic ‘Anwekety’ paintings. Her work has been exhibited around the globe and is also featured frequently in Aboriginal Art Auctions.

Kathleen speaks little English, but is enthusiastic to communicate about her work and continues to try and teach the wider world about her paintings and the Anweketythat features in them.