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Nancy Kunoth Petyarre

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About Nancy Kunoth Petyarre

Nancy was the second eldest of the 'seven famous Petyarre sisters' from the Utopia region.  She shared the story of Arnkerrthe, the Mountain Devil Lizard, with her sisters and each had their own, unique way of painting it. Nancy was most well known as an artist for her fine dot designs representing the skin on the back of this gentle creature.

Initially, Nancy was part of the original group of women to participate in batik workshops and her work in this is represented in the Robert Holmes a Court collection. Her artwork is also in collection at the National Gallery of Australia.

Nancy was not a prolific artist, and earned immense respect in the industry from her passion and dedication for painting which also reflected her personality. In the latter years of her life, Nancy painted very few paintings and turned to some linear work for more ease.

Nancy passed away peacefully at Utopia in August 2009 after suffering a stroke. She requested to be buried next to Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

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