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Eileen Bird Nungarai

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About Eileen Bird Nungarai

Name: Eileen Bird
Skin name: Nungarai (also spelled Nungari)
Language group: Eastern Arrernte and Anmatyerre
Country: Arnumarra (near Gem Tree)
Lives: Utopia, Central Australia
Born: 1956 


Eileen is an Eastern Arrernte woman and her country is Arnumarra, near Gem Tree north east of Alice Springs in Central Australia.

Eileen grew up on her country at Harts Range but moved to southern Utopia to marry her husband, the late Paddy Bird. Together they had eleven children, Maggie Bird being their eldest. Paddy's mother was a renowned artist named Ada Bird Petyarre.

Eileen has been painting professionally since the mid 1990’s. Her artworks often depict women's ceremony or the pencil yam story.