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Pencil Yam Seed by Eileen Bird Nungarai

by Utopia Lane Art August 23, 2018

Small square dot painting in blue, red and orange by Eileen Bird Nungarai

In the Dreamtime there are two parts to the Pencil Yam story that Eileen Bird paints. Two different seeds were borne that created two different species of pencil yam; one called Atnwelarr which belongs to Alhalkere and Atnangkere countries, and the other called Arlatyeye which belongs to Eileen’s country. 

Eileen paints the seeds of Arlatyeye.

The Arlatyeye itself is a small, long tubular yam (swollen root) belonging to a trailing herb or creeper that often covers large areas of ground with bright green leaves and yellow flowers.


Below: the small skinny arlatyeye (pencil yam), and it's seeds called kame

Small, skinny pencil yam called Arlatyeye in hand  Tiny seeds in palm of hand called Kame, seed of the pencil yam

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Utopia Lane Art
Utopia Lane Art

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