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NOW ON: Soakages Sequel Exhibition : 16th Sept - 12 Nov 2016

by Utopia Lane Art September 16, 2016


Warm desert hues and watery undertones dominate the new collection  of Lena Pwerle's work in Soakages Sequel

Soakages overlap on one another as if they do beneath the ground, creating unexpected mixes of colours and fluidity that bring an edge to Lena's artwork. 

Each exhibition artwork has been chosen selectively to show off Lena Pwerle's individuality.

The exhibition is inspired by Lena's largest work ever completed, Big Soakage Dreaming, measuring a hefty 360cm x 180cm.
The piece pays homage to a large soakage in Alhalpere country which Lena frequented growing up. It still contains water.

"Long time ago we been get kwaty water under the caves. Anaty, Tyape Antyematy...we been get them too, long time ago.

Big rock near Apungalingum; proper big one [soakage] there. We get billy can [with water] and come back. And bush potato. Near that hill at Apungalingum. Still kwaty there, under the caves in the hill."

Big Soakage Dreaming
360cm x 180cm 
Synthetic polymer paint on Belgian Linen 
(In private collection)

Read more about soakages and Lena's inspiration via the exhibition - Soakages Sequel.



Utopia Lane Art
Utopia Lane Art

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