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Top Ten Paintings of 2019

January 01, 2020 3 min read

Top Aboriginal Paintings of 2019

We've pulled together the ten most viewed (and available to purchase) paintings of 2019.

Paintings that have the most¬†views¬†rarely last online long before they¬†find their new home. (So if you're in love with any of these pieces consider making it yours soon ūüĖ§)¬†

Lena Pwerle paintings

No 10. Soakage by Lena Pwerle  |  120cm x 90cm 

Here we have a beautiful Lena Pwerle at number ten. This painting is one of few pieces left in a small series Lena painted in forest green and umber. It's serene and tranquil with an aesthetically pleasing structure, and no wonder it has made this year's list.

Jeannie Mills

No 9. Anaty (Desert Yam) by Jeannie Mills Pwerle |  210cm x 90cm

We're excited this oversized painting by Jeannie Mills Pwerle, a ngangker (traditional healer), has made this list. (And if it's not on this list next year it will be because it has found a worthy wall to call home.)

There is a beautiful flow of movement that appears to travel off the canvas and into the surrounding space, and the colours carry the full spectrum of the outback. Worthy of another look or two (or more)... 

Most Popular Paintings of 2018: Leaves by Gloria Petyarre

No 8. Leaves by Gloria Petyarre  |  45cm x 45cm

Five of Gloria Petyarre's top ten artworks sold at auction have been those painted in her original small-leaf style like this piece. And for such a small painting, this piece makes a big impact. There is a great rhythm and movement and, not only are the colours vibrant and fresh, according to the colour wheel these primary colours are complimentary. No wonder this piece continues to draw people back for another look. 

Conkerberry painting by Kathleen Ngale

No 7. Anwekety by Kathleen Ngale | 120cm x 90cm

Featured in our last exhibition, Desert Dots IV exhibition, this painting was completed in 2007 and is a superb rendition of Kathleen's best work. Watery white and crimson pink dots are grounded by honied earthy tones.

This piece is loved by everyone who sees it and not surprisingly has made 2019's list of top ten. 

Pink and white wild flowers painting

No 6. Wild Flowers by Sacha Long Petyarre  |  180cm x 90cm

This piece was the key feature in our Winter 2019 collection, painted in Ash Pink and Titanium White, and remains a Utopia Lane favourite. A beautiful, high quality rendition of Sacha Long's Wild Flowers.

Top ten paintings

No 5. Atham-areny by Angelina Ngale  |  120cm x 45cm

Angelina uses an evocative combination of pastel shades to illustrate the Atham-areny story which belongs to her country, Ahalpere. A perfect size to fit many walls.

Top painting of 2018 - bush medicine leaves by abie loy

No 4. Bush Medicine Leaves by Abie Loy Kemarre  |  120cm x 60cm

Abie Loy's pastel coloured Bush Medicine Leaves painting was featured in our Enchanted exhibition last summer and had it's own feature (on just how incredible it is).  

Top ten paintings of 2019: Polly Ngale

No 3. Conkerberry by Polly Ngale  |  90cm x 90cm

This superimposed dot painting by Polly Ngale in a palette evocative of a dazzling sunset is no surprise to find high on this list. 

Delight your senses by taking another look at this piece, if you haven't already...

Top paintings of 2018: Soakage by Lena Pwerle

No 2. Australian Soakage by Lena Pwerle  |  90cm x 90cm

This piece has consistently been loved every month this year but is yet to find its forever home. This Lena Pwerle painting combines Matisse's Ash Pink, Southern Ocean Blue and Australian Sienna on a black background.

Top ten paintings of 2019: Number one Rosie Pwerle

No 1. Arwengerrp (Bush Turkey) by Rosie Pwerle |  120cm x 45cm

This fine dot painting by Rosie Pwerle of Utopia was viewed by more people around the world than any other in 2019. 

With complimentary colours Australian Salmon Gum and Southern Ocean Blue, this fine dot piece was painted painstakingly with a bamboo satay stick.

To Rosie, who lives a traditional life in Australia's remote Utopia region, the bush turkey is sacred and patterns in this painting translate elements of the Bush Turkey Dreaming. 


Utopia Lane Year in Review 2019 ‚Üí


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