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by Utopia Lane Art July 02, 2017

Ochre Series Exhibition on now

FEATURED ARTISTS: Lindsay Bird Mpetyane, Barbara Weir, Johnny Payne, Lena Pwerle, Connie Petyarre, Alvira Bird, Abie Loy, Greeny Purvis Petyarre, Queenie Lion Kemarre and June Bird Ngale.

Ochre Series is a collection of works executed with natural pigments or their acrylic counterparts - charcoal, and red, white and yellow ochre,and explores their use in Utopia art.

Utopia art has been known for its bold colour and contemporary influences since its inception in the 1970's. Due in large to the movement's origins of batik, historically a European medium, Utopia art thrives on diversity, modernism and above all else, rule breaking.

That isn't to say traditional colour, symbolism and meaning aren't apparent. Meaning is often 'sung' into the paintings as women sit together painting, singing and storytelling. We are fortunate to now see a generation of grandchildren and great grandchildren - those who sat and played near the older women over the past three decades - making their own art.

Symbolism, particularly U shaped symbols and concentric circles, can often be found in small paintings, or as an influence to a greater pattern of design. Traditional colours are still found in the art - whether it is rooted in meaning or as a decorative 'filler'. 

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Utopia Lane Art

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