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Selina Teece Collection

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About Selina Teece Collection

Artist: Selina Teece
Skin name: Pwerle
Language group: Alyawarr
Country: Antarrengeny
Region: Utopia, Central Australia

Born in 1977 in a remote region of Central Australia called Antarrengeny, Selina Teece Pwerle grew up when many Aboriginal men worked as stockmen on nearby cattle stations and Aboriginal women were employed as domestic hands in exchange for food rations and clothing. Cultural rituals and ceremonies were strong, and living off the land was essential.

This was the same year that a series of government sponsored workshops were brought to the remote region of Utopia to teach the Aboriginal people the art of batik.

Antarrengeny lies less than a thirty minute drive north of Utopia, a region in Australia's eastern desert now renowned for its boundary-pushing art and its female artists, and Selina's mother, Lulu Teece Petyarre, was part of the Utopia Women's Batik Group which established in 1978.

Selina learnt to paint both by watching and with the careful instruction given by her mother and other women and this fueled her strong desire to pursue a creative career when she was older.

Since the sale of her first work, Selina's painting show a great versatility with style and approach, and an intuitive sense of country.

Selina lives in Utopia with her husband Malcolm Club Kngwarreye and their two children.