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Lily Lion Kngwarrey

About Lily Lion Kngwarrey

Artist: Lily Lion
Skin name: Kngwarrey (also spelled Kngwarreye, Ngwarai)
Language group: Alyawarr
Country: Arnkawenyerr and Ngkwarlerlanem
Area: Utopia Region, Central Australia
Born: 1964

Lily’s paintings often represent Dreaming stories that belong to her countries Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr in northern Utopia. In particularly Ilyarnayt and Alhepalh feature predominately in her current works, both which are types of wattles (Acacia’s). Her work has featured in several group exhibitions since 1977, including shows at Utopia Art Sydney, the Orange Regional Gallery, the Austral Gallery in St Louis, USA, the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin and the Araluen Art Centre in Alice Springs.

Lily lives in northern Utopia with a strong family of artists including sister Michelle Lion Kngwarrey and mother Queenie Lion Kemarre.