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    Our vibrant and dynamic artists are from the Utopia region; a large remote area of Central Australia which, until recently, had no government funded art centre. As a result of their pioneering efforts, they have one of the strongest and richest art histories.

  • Appreciating Finer Things...

    August 08, 2016 1 min read

    Appreciating Finer Things... Pink Alhelpalh flower by Hazel Morton Kngwarrey at Utopia Lane Art

    Online it's easy to overlook pieces like this.

    Small thumbnails hide the intrinsic attraction and substance that finer detailed works have. It takes a closer look to be able to give them the appreciation they deserve...

    The painting itself, pictured above, measures a compact 45cm x 45cm and the wispy threadlike designs have been hand painted with synthetic polymer paint applied through small, fine nibs attached to ink bottles.

    Many of Hazel's Alhepalh paintings are a throwback to her 1980's batik works using tjantings to create floral patterns and other designs on silks.

    With paint, Hazel has mastered the use of small ink bottles (one must be careful not to release too much paint) and can capture the detail of the flower in it's finer form.

    Alhepalh flowers are small and globular with a very fine velvety texture. Pictured below is an acacia flower similar to alhepalh. The ubiquitous Alhepalh tree is found near Hazel's community and in the old days its nutritious seeds were a key ingredient for making bread. 

    “Alhepalh-penh ntang inem athaynteyew” 
    The seeds from the alhepalh are collected so that they can be ground up.


    Appreciating Finer Things... Pink Alhelpalh Flower by Hazel Morton

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