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by Utopia Lane Art April 20, 2018

Now Open: Desert Dots 3 Exhibition

Desert Dots III exhibition is a collection of monochromatic works paired with dot paintings dominated by vibrant purple and orange hues. 


FEATURED ARTISTSDelvine PetyarreJosie Petrick KemarreNaomi PwerleMichelle Lion Kngwarreye and Anna Price Petyarre.


 Exhibition Artworks

Orange and green dot painting by Michelle Lion Kngwarreye

Michelle was one of the younger generation of painters who participated in Utopia Art movement’s inception in the 1980’s. Now in her 50’s, Michelle continues to live a traditional life in Utopia’s northern most reaches.

Over the decades, Michelle’s style of painting has not evolved so much as it has shifted from one neat and refined design to another, each piece meticulously crafted whether through fine lines or fine dots.

This piece is one of her more familiar styles that she replicates from time to time. In it she explores the shades of the Ilyarnayt, a type of wattle called Acacia Validinervia. It grows abundantly in northern Utopia near Michelle's home. Except for the seed pods depicted by green ellipticals, the entire painting is created by individual dots using small ink bottles.


Red and orange dot painting by Josie Petrick Kemarre

Bush Plum Dreaming by Josie Petrick Kemarre  |  120cm x 60cm

Josie Petrick Kemarre is considered a collectable artist and predominately explores ripening stages of the Bush Plum in her artworks.

Clusters of warm coloured dots are interspersed with deep blue dots, each created with a bamboo satay stick.

There are many little black plum-like berries in the Central Australian bush. This particular berry is actually a mistletoe (angkwerrpme in Josie's language), and one of just a few varieties that have edible berries; making it an important food source. 

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