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Most Revisited Paintings of 2018

January 17, 2019 3 min read

Most Re-Visited Paintings of 2018

Most Popular Paintings of 2018

We've pulled together the top ten paintings that were trafficked the most (and currently available) - where every single painting view has been counted. We're calling it the 'Most Re-visited Paintings' of 2018.

Many of these paintings made the Top Paintings of 2018 list too - the count of unique views only. 

But it's interesting to know what people keep coming back to. Unless the painting comes with a $140,000 price tag (see Big Melon Dreaming by Minnie Pwerle at number 1), paintings that have the most re-visits rarely last online long before they find their new home. (So if you're in love with any of these pieces consider making it yours soon.)


Top paintings of 2018: Bush Melon by Minnie Pwerle

1. Big Bush Melon Dreaming by Minnie Pwerle  |  360cm x 180cm 

The most re-visited painting was Minnie Pwerle's astounding 18' x 12' Big Bush Melon Dreaming, and the largest painting on our site. It's worth re-visiting!

Top paintings of 2018: Anwekety by Polly Ngale

2. Spring Conkerberry by Polly Ngale  |  90cm x 90cm

Coming closely in second was Polly Ngale's Spring Conkerberry. Given it's release date of August 2018, that's high praise.

Top paintings of 2018: Leaves by Gloria Petyarre

3. Leaves by Gloria Petyarre  |  270cm x 150cm 

Five of Gloria Petyarre's top ten artworks sold at auction have been those painted in her original small-leaf style like this masterpiece. Painted in a light yellow ochre and white, it is a classic both in size and execution and no surprise to find it high on this list.

Top painting of 2018 - bush medicine leaves by abie loy

4. Bush Medicine Leaves by Abie Loy Kemarre  |  120cm x 60cm

Abie Loy's pastel Bush Medicine Leaves painting was featured in our Enchanted exhibition last summer and had it's own feature (on just how incredible it is). The piece was also viewed by more people around the world than any other painting in 2018. See Top Paintings of 2018 →

Top paintings of 2018: Bush Plum by Josie Petrick Kemarre

5. Bush Plum Dreaming by Josie Petrick Kemarre  |  120cm x 60cm 

Josie Petrick Kemarre is considered a collectable artist and predominately explores ripening stages of the bush plum in her artworks.

This piece is so fine that the image can barely show the deep blue dots (those that represent the plum at its ripest) that are interspersed between the layers of warm tones. Worth a closer look or two (or more). 

Top paintings of 2018: Desert Yam by Shakira Petrick

6. Desert Yam Story by Shakira Petrick |  120cm x 60cm

A relatively new piece, having arrived in the middle of 2018, by the end of 2018 it was already one of the most viewed! Get your fix of insatiable colour and delight the senses by taking another look at this piece, if you haven't already...

Top paintings of 2018: Leaves by Gloria Petyarre

7. Leaves by Gloria Petyarre  |  150cm x 90cm

Here we have another colourful and vivacious piece to make it on this list. This is a Gloria worthy of owning over and over; it has colour, spirit, movement and is completely full bodied for a large-leaf piece. 

Most Popular Paintings of 2018: Leaves by Gloria Petyarre

8. Leaves by Gloria Petyarre  |  45cm x 45cm

For such a small painting, this piece makes an impact. There is a good sense of movement, and not only are the colours vibrant and fresh, they are both pure, primary colours that compliment each other according to the colour wheel. No wonder it continues to draw people back.

This painting is also featured on Desert Doll's homewares.

Top paintings of 2018: Country by Delvine Petyarre

9. Country by Delvine Petyarre  |  180cm x 60cm

There is a beautiful flow of movement in this piece that looks as if it carries off from the canvas and into the surrounding space. Classic in black and white, and a fine dot painting that is exactly where it should be - on this list. (If it's not on this list in 2019 it will be because it has found a worthy home.)

Most Revisited painting by Abie Loy Kemarre

10. Bush Medicine Leaf by Abie Loy Kemarre  |  210cm x 150cm

Another Abie Loy Kemarre painting made this list. This extra large painting is what we would describe as a classic and well rounded Abie. Two shades of Cobalt Blue plus a solid Titanium white are applied with feather-like precision to create wisps no longer than a centimetre each depicting medicinal leaves. A mesmerising and tranquil creation. 



Top Paintings of 2018 →


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