Itsy-bitsy paintings by Angelina Ngale

by Utopia Lane Art March 28, 2018

Angelina Ngale of Ahalpere country paints figures of women and children prepared for ceremonial song and dance. Through this they are helping Ngangkers (bush doctors) remove any sickness related to Atham-areny spirits.

Atham-areny comes from the Anmatyerre words atham (meaning no fire) and areny (meaning belonging to).

These spirits are described as invisible or colourless creatures which can be felt and heard as sure as the people living there can. Fires are created to ward them off if they are near, and children especially are issued not to wander from from the fire's glow.

Each piece:
Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen | 30cm x 15cm  |  $175.00
Utopia Lane Art
Utopia Lane Art

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