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Fresh Fallen Leaves by Gloria Petyarre

by Utopia Lane Art March 27, 2017

Fresh Fallen Leaves by Gloria Petyarre
120cm x 90cm
Synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen

This graceful artwork by Gloria Petyarre, a multi award winning Australian artist, is a piece we want to highlight especially because we're all about green right now (see our 'Tips For Decorating With Green' article). 

Measuring 120cm x 90cm this piece embodies the spirit of freshly fallen leaves, painted with a palette of Matisse's burnt umber, titanium white, and hookers and phthalocyanine greens.

Leaves are being swept across the green and lush desert floor, the kind of ground found in Utopia after heavy rain. Gloria painted these leaves whilst the paint was still wet, daubing the brush in different paint pots and overlapping each brush stroke on one another engendering these sophisticated motifs that are reminiscent of Impressionist artist Claude Monet.

Leaves appear multi-dimensional and convey a soft and sensual sense of depth and movement. It is a classic Gloria; in style, movement, softness and in the perfect balance of fresh and natural hues.

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Utopia Lane Art
Utopia Lane Art

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