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Anwekety Blue by Polly Ngale

Polly Ngale

"Anwekety Blue carries us away to the Dreaming lands with its ultramarine blue and deep magenta hues." - Senior Curator, Dale Jennings

This ethereal artwork by Polly Ngale, who is considered to be one of the most accomplished painters to have come from Utopia, measures 120cm x 120cm and is painted with acrylics on the finest quality Belgian linen.

Polly, an artist in her 80's, paints superimposed layers of brushwork dotting by collecting different sized brushes and daubing them onto the canvas; mixing the coloured acrylics together whilst they are still wet.

This technique creates patterns that appear multi-dimensional and, in this painting, convey a soft and sensual sense of depth and movement. 

Contrary to Polly's typical warm tones, the vivid palette of mystic, watery colours used in this piece were commissioned especially for something extra special.

The painting represents the Anwekety (Conkerberry) Story where dots represent the conkerberries being swept across the Dreaming lands by prevailing wind. 

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 Portrait of Polly Ngale

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