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Decorating with Pink

by Utopia Lane Art March 28, 2016

Pink symbolises softness, sweetness, tenderness, youthfulness and innocence. It is associated with romance, friendship, nurturing, femininity, emotional love and healing, children, youth and peace. It also helps heal sadness and grief and helps bring you in touch with your feelings.

In decorating, there are a few things to keep in mind when introducing this emotive colour to a space. 

Firstly, soft or dusty pinks work naturally well with soft oranges, corals and caramels to make a space refreshing, so if you want to combine pink with these undertones try for lighter shades of pink. Bringing in bold complimentary colours to the space like turquoise can also help make the space less 'sappy'. Or add stronger spicier shades like persimmon for a warmer autumn look.

When using stronger shades of pink, like blush, use it to flatter the space just as blush is meant for the face. Try pairing these shades with a classic grey for a sophisticated look, or use it to sparingly with a brown environment to ground the colour. Greens and blues also work well with pink to create a fresh spring look.

Looking for a splash of pink in Aboriginal art for your space? Visit our our pink gallery. Or visit our pinterest board for more inspiration. 


Decorating with pink and Aboriginal art

Utopia Lane Art
Utopia Lane Art

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