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Orange inspiration

by Utopia Lane Art January 21, 2016

Orange is the colour of optimism and is full of vitality. Orange helps restore balance to our physical energies and stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm. It is associated with attraction, charm, kindness, abundance, success and investments.

Tips for decorating with orange:

  • Soften other bright warm hues, such as red and yellow, with bright shades of orange to neutralise and stabilise, without losing the powerful kick these colours bring to a space.
  • Not quite ready for orange? Try introducing shades of burnt orange. Pair with rusty reds or mustard yellow for deep Autumn vibes or use it to create a bridge to more brighter colours whilst keeping the space grounded.
  • Orange and turquoise or purple go well to compliment each other on opposite ends of the spectrum. 
  • Deep browns and auburns go well with orange to bring in the warmth and give the colour it's neutral earthy roots. 
  • Find orange elements in wooden textures, artwork, fabric in a featured armchair, or even a bowl of oranges on the kitchen counter.

Our online galleries have some great paintings featuring this vivacious colour for inspo.

collage of orange paintings


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