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Bush Plum at Aremela Rockhole by June Bird Ngale (SOLD)

30cm x 30cm

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Circular designs in this painting represent Aremela rock hole which is a sacred site for June and the people of Ilkawerne country in Central Australia. Aremela is the largest of five sacred rock holes, or waterholes, in close proximity to each other that can be found in a clearing in the bush near June's community Mulga Bore. It is sacred to the Bush Plum story.

When the water inside the rock hole is green, that is the time when raw or green fruit will be found on the bush plum tree. When the water turns black it is the time when the fruit is ripe.

Black dots in this painting depicts the bush plum when ripe and fallen to the ground.

About the artist:

Artist: June Bird Ngale
Skin name: Ngale
Language: Anmatyerre
Country: Ilkawerne
Born: 1955

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Ahakeye (Bush Plum) Story

  • Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
  • Background colour: Black
  • Size of painting: 30cm x 30cm
  • Canvas border: Black, approx 6cm
  • This painting comesunstretched and rolled in a tube.
  • This painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticityand artist profile.