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About Nora Petyarre

Artist: Nora Petyarre
Skin name: Petyarre (also spelled Petyarr or Pitjara)
Language group: Alyawarr
Country: Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr
Region: Utopia, Central Australia
Born: 1948

Nora is the daughter of well-known artist Lena Pwerle and began her artistic career in the medium of silk batik. Along with several other women, her works were commissioned for the Robert Holmes á Court collection and are included in the feature publication.

In the late 1980’s Nora moved to the medium of acrylics. Her paintings often represent the Yerramp (Honey Ant) Dreaming belonging to her countries, Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr in the northern reaches of the Utopia region.

Nora lives in the Utopia region with her mother and large extended family, including artists Rosie Pwerle and Julie Pengarte.