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Dulcie Pwerle

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About Dulcie Pwerle

Dulcie Pwerle Long
Skin name: Pwerle
Language group: Anmatyerre 
Country: Alhalkere 
Area: Utopia Region, Central Australia
Born: 6 June 1986

Dulcie grew up surrounded by Utopia art prodigies including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre, Greeny Purvis Petyarre and her mother Jeannie Petyarre.

Dulcie paints fine dot depictions of her country, as well as soft flowing paintings depicting the flowers of a pencil yam called Atnwelarr; a native trailing herb that covers large areas of the ground after significant rain and brings the bush to life with its bright yellow flowers. Tubers (pencil yams) are found beneath the surface which are a favoured and nutritious food and there is a sacred Dreaming story for this yam that belongs to Dulcie's country, Alhalkere.