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Introducing size A4

May 11, 2019 1 min read

A4 size paintings

Easily frame at home with our new A4 sized artworks.

Each piece measures approximately 30cm x 21cm, depending on how each artist approached the space, and is designed to fit within A4 sized frames.

A 6cm black canvas border on the artworks can be cut (or folded) to fit your frame, or use it to stretch over a frame if that is still your preference.

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Bird paintings by Patrick Kunoth

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Son of Utopia artists Dinny and Josie Kunoth, Patrick Kunoth's principal art form is wood carvings however today we release his new works; paintings that illustrate his bird sculptures.
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Utopia Life: an exhibition of paintings by Dinny and Josie Kunoth

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Deep into Central Australia’s remote Utopia region, there is a small community nestled in the bush where Dinny and Josie Kunoth live.

Several bright coloured buildings are home to the residents of this community which include a portion of Dinny and Josie's nine children and their families.

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