Deteriorating health for prestigious artist. No longer able to paint.

by Utopia Lane Art October 15, 2018

Kathleen Ngale portrait
Sadly one of our artists health is deteriorating and we feel it necessary to tell you as she has been a pre-eminent artist for some time and is now unable to paint.
Kathleen Ngale, in her mid 80's, is no longer able to see. On a recent trip to her homelands we met with Kathleen who told us. It was just over a year ago that her aging was the subject of an ABC article.
Painting has been a huge part of Kathleen's life and has allowed her to bring considerable money to her community. In 2017 she was ranked number 21 on the Australian Indigenous Art Market for auction sales that year.
Kathleen Ngale sits in wheelchair unable to see
Kathleen allowed us to take some pictures of her in her wheelchair. We actually have a beautiful article we will share with you soon on our visit with her and her husband Motorbike Paddy.
In the meantime, please be aware.
Utopia Lane has not worked directly with Kathleen for several years and have only sought her works from reputable sources pre-2017.
Please also know that 5% of the sale value of any works sold over $1000 go to the artist as part of Australia's artist resale royalty scheme. Everything helps.
Utopia Lane Art
Utopia Lane Art

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