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Exploring Colleen Wallace Nungari's Dreamtime Sisters Paintings

by Utopia Lane Art November 23, 2015

Colleen Wallace Nungari's Dreamtime Sisters at Utopia Lane Art Gallery

Colleen Wallace Nungari's work is a combination of finely detailed dots depicting spirit figures painted with sleek precision.

We are big fans of her work (which you may be interested to know has been featured in many exhibitions within Australia and the US) and are writing this article because people are always asking us for more information about her paintings.

Colleen Wallace Nungari  lives at Utopia with her husband and children and is often found painting these Dreamtime Sisters, the style of which is wildly different to that of her Utopia counterparts.

The style is actually associated with the Keringke artists of Santa Teresa, where Colleen is originally from. It contains specific attributes of one Keringke artist in particular; a renowned artist named Kathleen Wallace. 

Kathleen Wallace is Colleen Wallace's aunt. She gave permission to Colleen to paint this style over a decade ago. Before this, Colleen was a self-taught artist, having painted stories belonging to her father's country further north for many years.


Colleen tells us the Dreamtime Sisters are good spirits who dance the awelye (women’s ceremony), look after their country and guide their people. She says these sisters were once living people - her ancestors, and that there are many different types of ancestral spirit figures (some can be a little cheeky) and every country has their own spirits who guard the land and people.


If you have questions or can't find what you're looking for be sure to let us know and we'll be happy to help you out.

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