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Soakage by April Haines

Size: 30cm x 30cm
Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas

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Circular designs in this painting by April Haines represent soakages (or waterholes) that are spread throughout her country. Many of these soakages had plenty of water in them long ago and with their intimate knowledge of the land, April’s people knew how and where to find them in their harsh desert environment.


Name: April Haines
Skin name: Ngale
Language group: Anmatyerre
Country: Bushy Park
Region: Utopia, Central Australia

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  • Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
  • Size of painting: 30cm x 30cm
  • Size of linen border: Approx 8cm
  • Designed to be stretched on a 2cm deep stretcher frame
  • Background colour: Black

Catalogue number: SP0430


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