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My Mother's Country by Betty Mbitjana (SOLD)

90cm x 90cm

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The arc linear patterns in this painting represent women's body paint designs. Small circles represent elements of two Dreaming stories belonging to Atnwengerrp country, Betty's mother's country; the Bush Melon and Wild Orange.

Other symbols in this painting illustrate some of the significant sites of Atnwengerrp country, Betty's mother’s country, which may be land formations, campsites or caves, flora and fauna, spiritual figures or ancestral dancing tracks, as they can still be seen today, etched in the rocks at Anthep. Anthep is an ancestral place that remains the most significant site on Atnwengerrp country. Ceremony and dance are still performed there. It is a place where everyone - men, women and children can meet together and camp. It is also a place where permanent water can be found.

Betty's mother was a renowned Aboriginal artist named Minnie Pwerle who passed away in 1996. Her work was famous for these markings and Betty was given permission by her family after her passing to continue to paint in this style.


Name: Betty Mbitjana
Skin name: Mbitjana(also spelled Mpetyane)
Language group: Anmatyerre
Country: Ahalpere
Region: Utopia, Central Australia
Born: 1957
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  • Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
  • Background colour: Black
  • Size of painting: 90cm x 90cm
  • Canvas border: Black, approx 6cm
  • This painting comesunstretched and rolled in a tube.
  • This painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticityand artist profile.