Women Gathering Bush Tucker (Quandongs) (SOLD)

Artist: Marie Ryder
Size: 45cm x 45cm
Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on belgian linen
Code: WMB048952

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In this painting Marie Ryder depicts women collecting merne pmerlpe,known as the quandong or native peach (Santalum acuminatum). Marie also refers to these as bush berries. Merne means food in Marie’s language and Pmerlpe is the quandong.

The pmerlpe is a traditional staple food, sought after for its fleshy fruit. It can be found in the southern area of Central Australia where Marie grew up. The quandong is bright red when ripe and highly nutritious; its vitamin C content is twice as high as that of an orange. Sometimes a ripe yellow fruit is encountered. If the fruit has fallen off the tree and gone dry, the fruit can be collected and easily reconstituted in water. In traditional aboriginal life, these fruits were also collected, pounded and made into cakes. The inside of the quandong has a large pitted stone or seed which is often used for marbles or making jewellery.