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Bush Medicine by Patsy Long Kemarre (SOLD)

90cm x 90cm

Ethically sourced and 100% original

There are many different types of bush medicines. One that Patsy paints is called apeng which is the desert kurrajong tree (Brachychiton gregorii). The tree has multiple uses and is often portrayed in artwork as a cross or star shape because of the shape of its leaves. While the medicinal property of this tree is not widely documented, Patsy and others will tell you the water found in its roots can be drunk to help cure sore throats. The roots hold considerable water and are also considered an emergency water supply for that reason. To drink the water, the roots are broken into pieces, sometimes scraped a little and then either sucked or propped up in a cup or dish to allow the water to percolate out. 



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This painting is 100% original. Hand painted by the artist with acrylics.


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