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Anwekety (Conkerberry) by Motorbike Paddy (SOLD)

30cm x 30cm

Ethically sourced and 100% original

Dots represents anwekety (conkerberries) which are a favoured sweet black berry. They only grow on the plant for a few weeks of the year, however the Ahalpere people would collect plenty of them and store them dry, soaking them in water again before being consumed. Dots are applied with bamboo satay sticks and are layered over one another, conveying a three dimensional aesthetic. Be aware, this painting comes with red dirt stained white paint in some areas - authentically desert art.

Additionally, there are subtle illustrations of Kadaicha men beneath the dotting.


Name: Motorbike Paddy
Skin name: Ngale
Language group: Anmatyerre 
Country: Ahalpere
Area: Utopia Region, Central Australia

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100% Original

This painting is 100% original. Hand painted by the artist with acrylics.

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