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Naomi Pwerle


Pencil Yam Seed by Naomi Pwerle (SOLD)

At almost 40 years of age, Naomi Pwerle is Anna Price Petyarre's eldest daughter. From an early age, she watched her mother and other women of her community paint their Dreaming stories. During this time, dot work featured heavily in Utopia art.

In this painting, Naomi is recreating one of her mother’s most in-demand styles of the late 90’s; derived from a vision of the pencil yam root system beneath the ground, and its seed. 

The seed of the pencil yam is one of its most important attributes which Naomi illustrates with dot work. This seed is called Kame, most famously recognised as the bush name of Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Artist: Naomi Pwerle
Skin name: Pwerle (also spelled Pwerl, Pula) 
Language group: Anmatyerre 
Country: Alhalkere
Area: Utopia Region, Central Australia
Born: 1979

Learn More:

Desert Dots III Exhibition  |  20 Apr - 1 Jul 2018

  • Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
  • Size of painting: 30cm x 30cm
  • Size of canvas border: Approx 6cm
  • Background colour: Black
  • This painting comes unstretched and rolled in a tube.
  • This painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and artist profile.

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