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Anaty (Desert Yam) by Jeannie Mills Pwerle

Size: 180cm x 60cm
Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen

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Designs in this painting reflect the Anaty (Desert Yam) Dreaming. The Anaty is the Alyawarr word for desert yam which is similar to a sweet potato and grows in the wild across Central Australia. Growing up to the size of a human head, this yam is an important food source for the Aboriginal people of Central Australia and is still collected and eaten today.

The linear brush work represents the yam and flower, while the dot work in this painting represents its seed.



Name: Jeannie Mills
Skin name: Pwerle (also spelled Pwerl, Pula)
Language group: Alyawarr
Country: Irrwelty
Lives: Utopia, Central Australia
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    Medicine Woman exhibition I Jeannie Mills Pwerle - 24 Apr - 12 Jun 2016 
    'Learn about Jeannie Mills Pwerle's Anaty (Desert Yam) Painting'

      • Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
      • Size of painting: 180cm x 60cm
      • Size of canvas border: Approx 6cm each side
      • Designed to be stretched around a 2cm deep stretcher frame
      • Background colour: Black
      • This painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and artist profile.

      Catalogue number: MB051590


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