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Josie (Josepha) Petrick


Bush Plum Dreaming by Josie Petrick Kemarre (SOLD)

There are many little black plum-like berries in the Central Australian bush. This particular plum-like berry that Josie is painting is actually a mistletoe (angkwerrpme in Josie's language), and one of just a few varieties that have edible berries; making it an important food source.

Josie's painting explores the ripening stages of these berries through maturity using significant amounts of purple and orange in her signature style.

After significant rainfall, the desert transforms from an analogous landscape to a panorama of abundant colour and vegetation.

These sweet edible berries change from green to shades of yellow, red and orange before finally a blueish purple (close to black) when it falls from the stem and is collected in bulk.

The square like shape in the centre is symbolic of the ripening journey, travelling path and song lines of the angkwerrpme being celebrated after rain.

  • Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
  • Background colour: Black
  • Size of painting: 30cm x 30cm
  • Size of linen border: Approx 2cm strip of black border designed to be wrapped around a 2cm deep stretcher frame. Plus approx 6cm of natural coloured linen overhang. 
  • This painting comes unstretched and rolled in a tube.
  • This painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and artist profile.

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