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Leaves by Gloria Petyarre

Size: 180cm x 90cm
Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas

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While Gloria began painting Leaves because her Awelye (body paint) paintings began to look like 'leaves scattered on the ground', she is known to have attributed many of her subsequent paintings to medicinal leaves.

It was her mother who taught her how to make a medicinal ointment from these leaves. She would take fat from kangaroos and echidnas and mix it with crushed medicinal leaves.

"Mum was taking the kangaroo fat, and echidna [fat]. We been mixing 'em up".

The ointment was applied to their face and their hair so that its powerful aroma would linger and aid in the relief of colds. 

- Exhibition excerpt

This painting represents leaves, some of which have medicinal qualities. This style by Gloria Petyarre is one of the most prestigious styles in Australian art, winning her the acclaimed Wynne Prize in 1999.

This subject does not pertain to stories from Gloria’s culture, but is an original idea created by Gloria.

That first one. I was looking, looking. Looks like leaf, and I been put another one and another one and ‘ah yeah’. First leaf” - Gloria Petyarre

Featured in Bush Medicine Exhibition


Name: Gloria Tamerre
Skin name: Petyarre (also spelled Pitjara)
Language group: Anmatyerre
Country: Atnangkere
Region: Utopia, Central Australia
Born: 1945
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Leaves Exhibition | Gloria Petyarre | 12 Feb - 5 April 2016 »
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  • Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
  • Background colour: Black
  • Size of painting: 180cm x 90cm
  • Border: Approx 7cm strip of black canvas.
  • This painting comes unstretched and rolled in a tube.
  • This painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and artist profile.

Catalogue number: UL018233


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