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More than a dozen small Aboriginal outstations flank a 100km plus stretch of the Sandover River north east of Alice Springs. Referred to collectively as the Utopia Region, a large portion of this land was reclaimed by its traditional owners after over 50 years of pastoral occupation. Home to around 1,000 Aboriginal people, a huge 25% of Utopia’s population are artists whereby art is the largest source of employment and income to this decentralized region. Utopia Art has become one of the most coveted art movements in Australia and its artists teach about their Dreamings and long-lasting traditions through their artwork. 

The Artists  

There are more than 250 Utopia artists who paint for us with new fresh faced artists signing on every year. Not all artists paint as frequent as others, nor do they achieve outstanding awards and recognition as others. Many factors are involved in this, including design, work and dedication, family commitments, exhibitions and promotion, and supply and demand. There are three categories of artists: