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Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr Country

“Alhepalh-penh ntang inem athaynteyew”
The seeds from the alhepalh are collected so that they can be ground up.

Alhepalh is a sparsely branched acacia shrub that is found abundantly near Hazel’s home in Utopia. Alhepalh produces small soft coated brown seeds that the women would collect, grind into a paste and cook into damper (bread) making it a most important food source. This practice however is not habitual now due to ready made bread. Depending on the size of the shrub, its trunk can also be used to fashion into spears and digging sticks and was traditionally an important trade object. Alhepalh also has medicinal properties and produces small fragrant yellow flowers often depicted in the paintings.

Pictured: Queenie Lion Kemarre holding Alhepalh.


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