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Tips for decorating with Green

by Utopia Lane Art February 26, 2017

Great tips and ideas for green interiors: Deeply Rooted, Keep it Calm, Make a Statement, Timeless Charm, Complimentary Pink, Dark and Moody.

Green is a natural and restorative colour, promoting balance and harmony. It is the colour of growth and renewal. In an environment, green will help you to restore depleted energy and provide a sanctuary, no matter how small, away from the constant stresses and stimulation of modern living.

From a colour psychology perspective, green is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions; creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

Green can convey many moods but each encourages a sense of well being. It is the colour we see most in natural environments and reminds us of life, growth and nature. It's no wonder Pantone has listed shades of green twice in the last 5 years as Colour of the Year.

Because it is a natural colour, green can be brought into a space naturally without affecting your current colour scheme. Think pot plants especially.

Or try bringing it in as the predominant feature colour. Green is trending in interiors which makes it easy to find feature items like sofa's and cabinetry.

Deeply rooted

Choose deep shades of green and anchor with earthy tones to create a deeply rooted space. This is a great way to get started with green and the easiest way to start is adding pot plants to your space, or objects symbolic of green in nature. Pictures or artworks of foliage are great here, as are painted natural objects such as wooden frames or furniture.

Decorating with green

Keep it Calm

Combining green with blue is a classic analogous choice. An analogous colour scheme may feature three or more hues which are positioned next to each other on the colour wheel to create serene and comfortable settings. These colour schemes are often found in nature and are harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

To feature this scheme in your space, choose one colour to dominate the space, one of it's analogous pairings as a second to support, and a third or fourth to accent along with black, white and/or grey. For example your space might be blue, and you can bring green in to support it, with accents of turquoise and olive green. 

Green and blue home interior

Bring lighter shades of these colours into your space to make it far more peaceful and subtle. Cooler shades of green like cucumber or fern will help make the space tranquil where warmer shades like sage or olive can ground it. 

Green and blue home interior

Adding one or two deeper shades can create a livelier deeper edge to the space whilst maintaining the harmony you've created. Black, white and grey can always be added if you're not ready to introduce other colours or shades.

Make a statement

If you're ready to go all out with this colour, make a statement with with bold shades and patterns. 

A bright hue mixed with pale colours such as coral, along with bold black and white or animal prints can create an energetic glam look without too much colour.

Decorating with green

Be sure to balance and soften bold patterns with finer patterns or textures in rugs or cushion covers, for example velvet, silk or faux fur.

Decorating with green

Or perhaps use green as an accent colour to revitalise a dazzling yellow or indigo space.

Timeless charm

If timeless elegance is your kind of space, bring in a green element to give the space eminence. A natural deep tone of green in wall colour, furniture or artwork is key and try pairing with forest or earthy brown elements - for example through wood, marble or linen.

Adding metal elements such as copper, silver or gold can add elegance and dress up the space.

Green home interior

In this picture, textures balance well with each other creating a cozy and warm retreat. Think metal, velvet, wood, fire, fur. All perfect for comfort and elegance.

Dark and moody

Similarly, dark and moody spaces suit deep rich shades of green. Small rooms don't always need to be painted white. Adding dark colours and textures can create a cosy space you just want to hunker down in and never leave!

Green on green can really work here, or pair green with other darker hues such as navy, aubergine or even charcoal. 

Decorating with Green - Dark and Moody interiors

Complimentary Pink

Shades of pink and green have been on the top of the Pantone colour charts for the past 5 years. Why not bring them together?

 Decorating with green and pink

Yellow-green and red-violet (think sap green and magenta) are opposite each other on the colour wheel, as are emerald and coral, which means they are complimentary colours. A combination of two complimentary colours are generally perceived as soothing or balanced, since it simultaneously stimulates different parts of the eye.

This works particularly well when you treat one colour as the predominant colour. For example, a tiny bit of pink really pops in a predominately green room (and vice versa) because your eye wants to see that colour. 


We'll end with Greenery - yes Pantone's colour of the year, 2017.

It's a refreshing and revitalising zesty yellow-green that is symbolic of new beginnings. Incorporating Greenery creates a mood and incentive to spend more time in the outdoors.

Greenery pairs particularly well with lemony yellows, or to support a scheme that brings an array of colours together, making it a great choice for a bohemian or jungalow vibe. Green home interior

Quick guide to green

  • Shades of green coupled with blue are an especially fresh and watery combination used to convey the concept of vitality, youthfulness and growth.
  • Very dark green can be paired with bright colours to reduce apparent contrasts, or vice versa: pair brighter green with darker colours.
  • You can ground too much green with neutrals or lighten it with plenty of white.
  • Consider pairing green with shades of purple and brown for a timeless look.
  • It's hard to believe, but there is a flip side with this colour. On the negative, the colour green can be possessive and materialistic, with a need to own people and things. Heard of 'green with envy'? 
  • Keep it simple with fresh pastel shades of green, blue and lilac
  • Green is an emotionally positive colour, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. A natural peacemaker, it must avoid the tendency to become a martyr.


  1. Visit ourgreen pinterest board for more inspiration. We’ve gathered for you a large collection of different rooms, artworks and ideas on pinterest that feature different shades of this tranquil and cheerful colour and we hope you find some inspiration among them. 
  2. View artworks for green interiors. See our collection of hand picked artworks we think would work well in a green environment. 
  3. View green coloured artworks.


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