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NOW ON: Spirits of the Desert Exhibition : 25 Nov 2016 - 20 Jan 2017

Angelina Ngale Pwerle painting for exhibition

Spirits of the Desert features the colourful works of two female Aboriginal artists, Colleen Wallace Nungari and Angelina Ngale, who paint spirits of the desert. 

In the Eastern Desert, there are spirits that roam the country. They generally have a role to protect the country and its people, or to guard special areas of land in particular sacred sites.

Some are good spirits that can be playful guardians, such as little child spirits; there are beautiful ancestral spirits; and there are spirits to be avoided as well. 

Artist Colleen Wallace Nungari paints intricate detail in her artworks to reflect the elegant qualities of Dreamtime Sisters. She says these Dreamtime Sisters are good spirits of the ancestors who roam the land performing sacred song and dance, looking after their country and guiding the people. 

Angelina Ngale Pwerle painting at Utopia

Read more about spirits of the desert via the exhibition - Spirits of the Desert.


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