New Arrivals

by Utopia Lane Art June 15, 2018

30+ New Artworks. Small and Large ♥

Angelina Ngale, Lena Pwerle, Betty Mbitjana, Colleen Wallace Nungari, Gloria Petyarre, Polly Ngale and more.

Warm burnt orange, magenta and charcoal wild flower painting by Delvine Petyarre

Warm burnt orange, magenta and charcoal Pencil Yam painting by Delvine Petyarre. 60cm x 60cm.

Colleen Wallace Nungari "Dreamtime Sisters" painting.

Colleen Wallace Nungari "Dreamtime Sisters" painting in a multitude of cool and warm colours; turquoise, ultra violet, orange oxide and venetian red.

Cool blue Betty Mbitjana painting. 30cm x 30cm.  Warm red Betty Mbitjana painting. 30cm x 30cm.

Cool blue and warm red Betty Mbitjana paintings. 30cm x 30cm. Plus more.

Large multicoloured painting by Shakira Petrick Multicoloured Angelina Ngale panel painting

Large paintings by Shakira Petrick and Angelina Ngale.

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Utopia Lane Art
Utopia Lane Art

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