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Desert Doll is focused on sharing and celebrating Indigenous art and cultures

by Utopia Lane Art October 11, 2018

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Designer cushions, tote bags, ottomans, phone covers and more. Printed with artwork by Utopia Lane artists.

Premium Matte Tough Phone Cases by Desert Doll

Exclusive to Utopia Lane (and You).



Desert Doll is an Australian brand focused on sharing and celebrating Indigenous art and cultures of the world. First and foremost is Australian Aboriginal art; Utopia Lane's birthplace.

Each Desert Doll item is printed with artwork by Utopia Lane artists.

The Artwork

Spring Soakage by Lena Pwerle

Spring Soakage  |  120cm x 120cm

This colourful artwork by Utopia elder Lena Pwerle depicts soakages (waterholes) that are spread across her country in Central Australia.

Lena says that these soakages are now all dried and used up but had plenty of water in them long ago which provided her people with a much needed water supply. With their intimate knowledge of the land, Lena’s people knew how and where to find them.

 Lindsay Bird Mpetyane artwork for Desert Doll's Charcoal Lindsay range

Charcoal Lindsay  |  45cm x 45cm

This small black, white and red ochre artwork by Utopia elder Lindsay Bird depicts the Bush Plum Dreaming.

Black or charcoal is an important colour associated with the Bush Plum Dreaming. Often it distinguishes the bush plum from other trees or berries in symbols due to its inherent colour.

Jeannie Mills Pwerle's painting for Desert Doll's Flowering Yam printed homewares

Flowering Yam  |  180cm x 60cm

This large panel by Utopia medicine woman Jeannie Mills Pwerle depicts the desert yam, its seeds and its bright magenta flower.

Gloria Petyarre's painting for Desert Doll's Summer Leaves printed homewares

Summer Leaves  |  45cm x 45cm

This small Leaves painting by Gloria Petyarre is vibrant, fresh and seaside-esque making it a perfect addition to Desert Doll's first range.

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