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Tips for decorating with Turquoise

October 05, 2016 5 min read 1 Comment

Turquoise Love

Turquoise is a happy and friendly colour that influences whatever colour or shade it is paired with. Using turquoise in a space can be as simple as using it on its own in different shades, or with a huge array of complimenting colours. This versatile colour radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue, the balance and growth of green and the uplifting energy of yellow, all of which make up its colour.

Did you know that in colour psychology, the colour turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability? What better colour to influence a space!

If you're considering decorating with this colour, or you need inspiration, we have some great ideas below to help you. But before you begin ask yourself what you want to convey in your space. It's always good to know how you want the space to make you feel. Do you want to relax, be motivated or inspired, encourage family time or concentration? 

You might use turquoise in your environment to lift your mood, to give some colour to an otherwise neutral palette, or cool down a warm environment. Or use turquoise to help you relax and convey feelings of a seaside retreat.

Decorate your interior with turquoise - tips and advice on decorating with this exotic colour #utopialane #interiors #decorating #turquoise

Getting started with turquoise

If you're just getting your fingers wet with this colour, you might want to start by adding a hint of turquoise to a room, through cushion covers, a side table, or decor accents such as vases or frames. Or choose a shade that serves to blend with neutrals. For example choose a dark stone shade of turquoise as a wall or feature furniture colour. Watch out as too much can convey a coldness and be unwelcoming so be sure to bring in warm elements such as browns or through textures of velvet. This look also suits autumn accents - think olive, timber, burnt orange and golden yellow.Decorate your interior with turquoise - tips and advice on decorating with this exotic colour #utopialane #interiors #decorating #turquoise

Create a Retreat

Play with a variety of shades including light and bright turquoise for a cheerful and breezy beach look. Maybe it's with curtains, wall colours, furniture and accents such as throws and wall hangings.

Add reclaimed wood to this look for a casual theme and pair with marble or steel accents if you want to add a classical element. For artwork, look for flowing peaceful pieces that enhance the tranquility that turquoise brings. 

For a beach home throw in some water themed accents (think starfish, shells, anchors, rope). Or if your retreat is lake inspired, add pebbles, canoes and paddles. In Feng Shui, round objects are water elements so look for round jars, vases or lamps to add to this space. The colour turquoise is a water element itself and can be paired with many different shades of itself to bring depth to this space. Consider also pairing with shades of yellow (especially gold and cream) and brown to bring in warmth.

For a provincial retreat, add turquoise in its lightest shades through washed wooden furniture or decor or curtains, and make sure it's paired with lots of white. 

Decorate your interior with turquoise - tips and advice on decorating with this exotic colour #utopialane #interiors #decorating #turquoise

Think Tiffany's

For a turquoise space that is pure sophistication, keep to lighter shades of turquoise and pair with lots of black and white accents, for example black and white or sepia photos, artwork and frames. This is a great look if you want to spruce up a corridor or otherwise black and white space.

For a feminine look, glam it up with crystals and embellished furniture and decor. Add elegant and classic elements through vintage or vintage-inspired accents. To introduce more colour try pastels, especially pink or purple, in just a hint here and there. For example, a vase of fresh flowers, a single frame, in an artwork, or seat cover.

Adding turquoise with vintage boho

Is maximum impact your goal with turquoise, or maybe you're renting a home with turquoise walls and you're wondering what you can do? Vintage boho could be your best friend, so to speak. There are no rules, boundaries or conflicts. Balance is key however.

First, consider pairing bright turquoise with equally bright purple and magenta in the space. Then add other colours and shades.

This looks loves lots of texture and pattern. For texture, worn turquoise furniture works well in this environment as does velvet and embellished crystal. Patterns can be added through drapes, artwork, cushion covers or table cloths. Think floral, Edwardian and fauna, such as birds or anything that brings a balance of bold and fine designs.

Be sure to balance shapes too, so if you have hard edged furniture (square or rectangular), add round accents such as cushions, lamp tables, or chandeliers. 

Decorate your interior with turquoise - tips and advice on decorating with this exotic colour #utopialane #interiors #decorating #turquoise

Go Native

In a native sense, we associate turquoise with Native Americans and ancient Aztecs. Expand this by incorporating a range of indigenous and cultural influences from around the world to make your own native space. 

A rustic looks suits this style well. Try wooden or leather pieces paired with dark rustic metal accents such as armchairs or stools. Brown is turquoise's best friend in this environment, serving to bring turquoise back to its original earth element. For the same reason, consider bringing in pottery, plants and other earth elements to your space.

Bolder or traditional prints work best in this space. Use bright turquoise and bring in colourful artwork and accents in turquoise's complimentary colour; burnt orange. Flavour the space by bringing in a small amount of rusty yellow, magenta, cactus green or indigo (any of the other tertiary colours). For something brighter you can choose to pair turquoise with both orange and red instead, along with black and white to really give this space some mighty Western kick.

This should be a truely warm and inviting space, a sanctuary, so if it doesn't feel this way try adding rugs and cushions, and warm lighting.

As this is your native space, don't forget to add a personal touch with photos or artwork that makes you feel connected too.

 Decorate your interior with turquoise - tips and advice on decorating with this exotic colour #utopialane #interiors #decorating #turquoise

Additional tips

If you're new to turquoise, you might try the following suggestions:

  • Shades of turquoise coupled with green and blue are an especially fresh and watery combination used to convey the concept of vitality, youthfulness and growth.
  • Very dark turquoise can be paired with bright colours to reduce apparent contrasts, or vice versa: pair brighter turquoise with darker colours.
  • For worn-turquoise looks, consider using brown as an undercoat, or bright red for something bolder. 
  • Turquoise has a sweet feminine feel and works really well in soft and sophisticated interiors.  
  • You can ground too much turquoise with neutrals or lighten it with plenty of white.
  • Consider pairing turquoise with shades of purple and brown for a timeless  turquoise look.


  1. Visit ourturquoise pinterest board for more inspiration. We’ve gathered for you a large collection of different rooms, artworks and ideas on pinterest that feature different shades of this tranquil and cheerful colour and we hope you find some inspiration among them. 
  2. View artworks for turquoise interiors. See our collection of hand picked artworks we think would work well in a turquoise environment.  
  3. View turquoise coloured artworks.


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Nicola Gilham
Nicola Gilham

November 02, 2016

I think your website is fantastic and so inspiring.

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