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    Our vibrant and dynamic artists are from the Utopia region; a large remote area of Central Australia which, until recently, had no government funded art centre. As a result of their pioneering efforts, they have one of the strongest and richest art histories.

  • Creating Dark and Moody Spaces

    May 23, 2017 3 min read

    If you're the kind of person who loves a drizzly afternoon, sitting by the window with a camomile tea (or another hot beverage), with a good book, listening to sweet beats, or just watching the rain hit the glass, then you'll know the inspiration and energy that can come from a dark and moody space. 

    Adding dark colours and textures to rooms, whether large or small, can create a cosy space you just want to hunker down in and never leave!

    The Bedroom

    Let's start with the bedroom. It takes courage to paint the walls of a bedroom in a deep shade, but it’s the way to go if you see your bedroom as a retreat from the world. Dark walls can make it wonderfully cave-like. 

    It doesn't matter what your preferred style is. By keeping mirrors to a minimum, maximising mood lighting and incorporating a variety of textures, your bedroom could be a deeply relaxing place to end the day and welcome a good night’s sleep.


    If timeless elegance is your kind of space, bring in a dark element to give the space eminence. A deep shade in wall colour, furniture or artwork is key and try bringing in some forest or earthy brown elements - for example through wood, marble or linen.

    Adding metal elements, such as copper, antique silver or gold, can add elegance and dress up the space. 



    The use of black, dark grey and other deep tones can not only bring intimacy to a room, but also a dose of sophistication it might otherwise lack … whether it’s a sultry bedroom, cool kitchen or even a bathroom or living room. 


    On the complete opposite side, maximising colour and light can be the key to ensuring that gloom doesn't set in to the space.

    You might like to offset grey with splashes of strong colour. Or it might be just enough to add life and colour into the space with a subtle piece of art to stop it feeling too staged or sterile.

    Try to maximise on the natural light that comes into this space through large mirrors, or strategically choose rooms or walls with skylights or large windows to create your dark and moody space in.

    Shade on shade

    If charcoal is just too dreary for you, try picking one to three deep shades of colour and layer your space with artworks, textures and objects in these shades. Think aubergine, green and navy. 

    Like above, brighten the space up with splashes of bright colour.


    Quick tips for gloom prevention

    • If you’re using dark wall and floor tiles, make sure you maximise the natural light coming in with the use of large mirrors. This will prevent the room feeling stagnant or depressing.
    • Use your bedding to bring a little colour and whimsy into your space. Otherwise, the darkness could feel too heavy.
    • Use subtle coloured artwork to bring just enough life and colour into a space to stop it feeling too staged or sterile.
    • Use texture to add interest to a dark space, and mix dark tones up with dashes of metallic or paler tones to lighten the mood.


    1. Visit ourDark Interiors pinterest board for more inspiration. We’ve gathered for you a large collection of different rooms, artworks and ideas on pinterest and we hope you find some inspiration among them. 
    2. View artworks for dark interiors. See our collection of hand picked artworks we think would work well in a dark and moody space.  


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