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    Our vibrant and dynamic artists are from the Utopia region; a large remote area of Central Australia which, until recently, had no government funded art centre. As a result of their pioneering efforts, they have one of the strongest and richest art histories.

  • 22 Artworks for Coral Interiors

    April 02, 2019 5 min read

    Art is a wonderful way to tie together colour palettes in a space and create visual interest. We've created a collection of 22 artworks that work with coral interiors. 


    Vibrant and warm dot painting by Polly Ngale in yellow, coral, burnt orange and pink

    1. Conkerberry by Polly Ngale  |  90cm x 90cm

    Bold and brilliant, this painting by Polly Ngale is a palette evocative of a dazzling sunrise or sunset and will add a pleasurable feeling of warmth to any space. The addition of colours Ash Pink, Australian Ghost Gum and Australian Salmon Gum (coral) soften the vibrancy of the yellow and magenta.

    This piece would particularly suit a space made of warm neutrals, tie together other bold colours in an eclectic and playful space or add a pop of coral to a turquoise room.


    Pastel panel sized painting by Angelina Ngale featuring turquoise, coral, yellow and lavender

    2. Atham-areny by Angelina Ngale  |  120cm x 45cm

    The subject of this piece belongs in an area far from the tropical island paradise these colours suggest, but from a colour perspective the pastel shades are awash in a watery coral ecosystem spectrum.

    A perfect combination to evoke feelings of warmth, nourishment and freshness in your space.


    Large warm coral, pink, yellow and orange dot painting by Kathleen Ngale

    3. Conkerberry by Kathleen Ngale  |  120cm x 90cm

    Another coral colour palette evocative of color splashed across the sky as the sun rises and sets.

    Not as blazoning as Polly Ngale's Conkerberry. Calm and peaceful, yet energising and enlivening.


    Small dot painting by Maggie Bird featuring turquoise and coral

    4. Alpar Seed Story by Maggie Bird Mpetyane | 30cm x 30cm

    Coral coloured dots interspersed with turquoise in the centre are a perfect balance for the eye. Blends gently with the warmth of the vibrant red and dusty orange. A lovely piece that can add fine detail to a room and a spark of coral. 


    Small moody coral and magenta dot painting by Kathleen Ngale

    5. Conkerberry by Polly Ngale  |  30cm x 30cm

    An harmonic blend of rose, coral and light magenta needs nothing else to evoke a sense of soft romance, showing coral's feminine side. A singularly special small painting. 


    Small start shaped dot painting by Joanna Kunoth featuring orange, purple, yellow and teal

    6. Spinifex by Joanna Kunoth  |  30cm x 30cm

    An eclectic mix of bright colours that would compliment a coral space without incorporating the colour itself. 

      Yam Dreaming by Greeny Pruvis.  A bold pattern with strong masculine vibes is balanced with coral. This special painting by Greeny Purvis would make a space truly warm and inviting.  The eclectic mix of bright colours mixed with different earthy shades would make this a lively piece for a desert inspired landscape.

    7. Yam Dreaming by Greeny Purvis | 60cm x 60cm

    A bold pattern with strong masculine vibes is balanced with coral. This special painting by Greeny Purvis would make a space truly warm and inviting.

    The eclectic mix of bright colours mixed with different earthy shades would make this a lively piece for a desert inspired landscape.


    Small coral coloured dot painting

    8. Bush Medicine by Isobel Okai  |  30cm x 30cm

    Coral, light magenta and plenty of white blend to create a piece perfect for any coral decor or to add a splash of coral to an existing colour scheme. Superimposed dots create a sense of depth.

    Would suit a predominately purple or lavender space, balance a turquoise feature or soften an energetic and colourful room. 


    Exquisite panel sized dot painting by Rosie Pwerle featuring turquoise and coral

    9. Bush Turkey |  120cm x 45cm

    With complimentary colours Australian Salmon Gum and Southern Ocean Blue, this piece lends itself to a range of coral interior themes. The dot work gives it a subtlety, allowing the salmony colours to cheerfully enhance a neutral environment and the ocean blue to refresh without taking over the space.

    An allover energising and tranquil piece.


    Small golden painting by Hazel Morton Kngwarreye with coral and lilac

    10. Alhepalh by Hazel Morton  |  30cm x 30cm

    Golden tones dazzle in this small painting with hints of soft luxe lavender and bright pastel coral. Ground a coral dominated space, or bring your room a little warmth and colour.


    Soft pastel coral and lavender Grass Seed painting by Barbara Weir

    11. Grass Seed by Barbara Weir  |  30cm x 30cm

    An enchanting mix of lavender and skin tones evoke feelings of calm.

    The way these colours blend creates a soft coral like colour in itself. The painting's depth, softness and movement make it a great piece to pair with brighter coral colours, soft pinks and/or bronze decor. 


    Small coral pink and pastel purple dot painting

    12. Bush Medicine by Isobel Okai  |  30cm x 30cm

    Likewise, the pop of light purple and coral in this piece makes it a great addition to a space where coral dominates.


    Australian Salmon Gum, Ash Pink and Pastel Purple painting by Angelina Ngale

    13. Atham-areny by Angelina Ngale  |  30cm x 30cm

    For something a little more calming, lavender and other lighter shades of purple and pink go great with coral. This piece features Matisse's Light Violet and Ash Pink anchored with Australian Salmon Gum.


    Small pale brown, taupe, and ash pink Leaves painting by Gloria Petyarre

    14. Leaves by Gloria Petyarre |  45cm x 45cm

    Comprised of burnt umbers and natural pink tones, we think this piece lends itself to a more neutral coral interior (think terracotta and other softer shades). 


    Small rectangular dot painting by Karen Bird in bright eclectic colours for coral interiors

    15. Alpar Seed Story by Karen Bird  |  45cm x 30cm

    Immediately drawing our attention, this vivid palette of olive green, orange, mauve, purple, yellow and turquoise would warmly engage with accents of coral in your space.

    A focal piece with an understated and upscale colour grouping. 


    Large black and white painting by Sacha Long Petyarre. Artwork for coral interiors.

    16. Wild Flowers by Sacha Long Petyarre  |  90cm x 90cm

    A black and white artwork can suit just about any colour scheme. If pairing with coral, try a deeper, richer hue like terracotta.

    This painting is both soft and soothing with its wistful movement and fine execution, and big and bold with its strong pattern, lending it a unique goes-with-anything quality. A statement black and white piece.


    Long panel sized dot painting by Delvine Petyarre in black and white. Perfect for a hallway wall and coral interiors.

    17. Country by Delvine Petyarre  |  180cm x 60cm

    With its flickering dot work and soft flow of movement, this oversized panel would offset a coral feature wall no matter the shade used. Perhaps hung upright on a narrow hallway wall or at the end of long corridor to disperse energy and wow guests.

    A classic, elegant black and white painting. 


    Small turquoise, coral and ash pink painting by Aboriginal artist Andy Mpetyane

    18. Waterholes by Andy Mpetyane  |  30cm x 30cm

    Turquoise happens to be coral’s complimentary colour. This means that if you’re going for a coral look, the eye just wants to see a hint of turquoise. And vice versa.

    Awash in color suggestive of a watery paradise, this small painting is the ultimate piece for a coral-turquoise space.  


    Small coral painting by Aboriginal artist Andy Mpetyane

    19. Men's Story by Andy Mpetyane  |  30cm x 30cm

    If you can't commit to a colour pairing, choose a single coral coloured or shade on shade artwork like this painting by Andy Mpetyane. 


    Charcoal, burnt orange and magenta wild flowers painting

    20. Pencil Yam Flowers by Delvine Petyarre  |  60cm x 60cm

    Coral is a byproduct of the burnt orange and magenta fusion here. This painting would go well to lift a dark space with a pop of colour.


     Tranquil painting in Ash Pink, soft turquoise and yellow by Lena Pwerle

    21. Soakage by Lena Pwerle  |  90cm x 90cm

    Both bold and soft, Lena blends together Matisse's Ash Pink, Southern Ocean Blue and Australian Sienna to create a blissful piece.

    These colours would work harmoniously with coral's brightest hue in a light and breezy space.


    Small superimposed dot painting by Patsy Long Kemarre featuring coral.

    22. Bush Medicine by Patsy Long  |  30cm x 30cm

    And finally, an artwork for an earthy and neutral environment that features Australian Salmon Gum as an underlying colour. A perfect way to infuse a natural look with a hint of coral.



    7 Ideas for Decorating with the Colour Coral

    Shop Australian Aboriginal Art featuring the colour coral

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